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High-field NMR Resources

500 MHz: Varian Inova (2 channel with broadband probe, z-gradients)
600 MHz: Varian Inova (4 channel 1H,15N,13C-triple resonance probe with z-gradients, 1H,13C,15N,31P Penta probe with z-gradients, 13C-enhanced, salt tolerant, 1H,15N,13C - cold probe with z-gradients.

Other Facilities

Extensive facilities are available for the cloning, bacterial expression, production, purification and biophysical characterization of isotope-labeled proteins suitable for NMR studies.
Extensive computational facilities for MD simulations and highly parallel structure calculation protocols are also available.

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The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC), a consortium of 10 New York area universities and research organizations, is situated on the City College campus. It is the largest facility of its kind in the United States.

High-field NMR Resources

500 MHz (1), 600 MHz (1), 700 MHz (1), 750 MHz (wide-bore, solids/liquids capable), 800 MHz (3) and 900 MHz (2). All spectrometers equipped with cryoprobes with z-gradients. All Bruker Avance series spectrometers.

X-Ray Crystallography

The NYSBC maintains the X4A beamline at the Brookhaven National Labs (4-20 KeV).

Electron Microscopy

Set up for electron crystallography, single-particle analysis and electron tomography. 120 kV (1, JEOL 1230, FEG), 200 kV (1, Tecnai TF20, LaB6; 1 JEOL 2100F FEG) and 300 kV (JEOL 3200FSC FEG). In addition all facilities for sample preparation and screening are available.